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Radion XR15w G5 Blue

Radion XR15w G5 Blue

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Next Level Color

The color of the light produced by the G5 is impressive. Whether you use the Blue, the Pro, the XR15 or the XR30 the color of your corals will amaze you. Generation 5 brings the intensity of fluorescence, shades and richness of colors to previously unimaginable levels. Made with the best LEDs, optimized lens geometry, next generation HEI optics and multiple color channels, the Gen 5 is in a class of its own.

Beyond Peak PAR

More powerful than ever, the new Radions offer improved coverage. The new cluster and new optics cut the “hot-spot” peak PAR by 30% and provide 35% more power. This means that you will have a more usable light in your aquarium over a greater area, therefore greater coverage.

Advanced heat management

EcoTech tends to produce the least invasive equipment possible. The G5 series has the sleek styling and small footprint of the Radion, but is now even quieter. A completely redesigned fan and newly developed heat sink cool the Gen 5 more effectively and quietly than its predecessors.


More colors also means more channels. Mobius means near instant configuration and programming. Local wireless control and programming can be done with the current version of the iOS or Android operating system. Remote WiFI control is not available at launch, but will be activated in the near future. Once again Ecotech marine and Radion set new standards for technologically advanced and innovative control.


Generation 5 sets the mood with a dedicated low-emission LED and moonlight channel.

Brilliantly New

It is no coincidence that Radion is the standard in aquarium lighting. Each generation, in fact, marries the best of previous generations with the latest in design and technology, to offer our customers a mix of innovation and proven success. Radion, evolution continues.



Generation 5 offers performances that must be seen to be believed. The Radion optical system offers a homogeneous color mixing, with a wide but also diffused and balanced intensity, which allows perfect coverage of the aquarium. Even more remarkable is the fact that the Radion achieves this without sacrificing the beautiful light glare that gives the reef a realistic look.

What makes light for the aquarium better?

The best aquarium light should excel in two things. The first is in providing the light that marine life needs to grow and thrive, the second is in fulfilling the aquarist's goals and wishes. Generation 5 Radions do both.

Beyond Peak PAR

Technological advancements in LEDs and optical technology provide the light for your aquarium animals to grow and thrive. Light at an optimal PAR level offers wider and more diffused coverage. The lighting also facilitates the positioning of the corals and provides a wider area of use, without the risk of excessive lighting directly under the lamp.

Total luminance

The impressive performance improvements of the G5 platform come from the improved diffusion created by eliminating peak light concentrations. The result is a significant increase in usable light, better coverage and fantastic aquarium brilliance.

  • PAR ai valori necessari
  • Wider diffusion
  • Overall 35% more light
  • Gorgeous aesthetics
  • Best color mixing


There is no wrong choice between these two surprising options.

G5 Pro

From aquaculture directly to the home aquarium, there is a high probability that the corals you know and love have been grown or "colored" under a Radion Pro lamp. Powerful. Flexible. Proven.

  • Full spectrum
  • 10 channels
  • Professional LED balancing
  • Proven spectrum that emulates a lamp, HQI or previous versions of Radion Pro
  • Customizable spectrum

G5 Blue

The aquarium light for those who know exactly what they want. Gen 5 Blue is full spectrum, but LED selection favors high power Blue channels for use with our Corallab AB + spectrum. Put all the power into the Blue.

  • Full spectrum
  • 10 channels
  • Blend of blue predominant LEDs
  • 100% Proven Corallab AB + spectrum 
  • Simpler spectrum

Brilliant Diffusion

Better color, uniform diffusion The G5 moves the "bar" higher for both PAR uniformity and stunning color mixing. But even at the most there is always room for something more. Diffuser technology further blends the light and improves its distribution, the "cost" to pay for these improvements is only a small decrease - at the PAR level. The diffuser model G5 (sold separately) mounts magnetically without solution of continuity on magnets already present on the fixture. The result is a beautiful accessory that fastens in seconds.


Total improvement 

The state-of-the-art heatsink design, paired with an EcoTech engineered fan, makes the G5 the most efficient and quietest Radion ever. Our dream has always been to create a complete aquarium system consisting of intelligent equipment that does not distract from the natural beauty of the home reef.


Single Light RMS Mounting

A novelty along with the Gen 5 are the new RMS single mounts for XR15 and XR30 with related accessories. The new single mount RMS kits for XR15 and XR30 will also work with all previous Radion models. There are also upgrade kits available for the original RMS kits so they are compatible with the G5. The new x-bracket raises the lamp an additional 12 mm without increasing the height of the bracket. The lamps can be mounted in 90 degree increments.

Multi-Light RMS Kit

All new G5 X-Brackets fit existing RMS multi light kits. The multi light rail kit is available in lengths up to 2.43 meters and allows a stable solution for mounting large tanks with multiple lamps. The multilight RMS kits work with both the XR15 and XR30 models, as well as a mixture of both.

RMS Hanging

If aquarium mounting is not an option for your multi-light rail or, if you prefer an even more minimal aesthetic, hang the multilight rail. Generation 5 X-brackets for XR15 and XR30 are stylish and bring the lights 12mm closer to the rail.


Smart Devices. Control without a controller.

You have never programmed an aquarium lamp so easily. You have invested in your ecosystem with the smartest and most capable EcoTech equipment. Now unlock the true potential of this system simply with an app on your smart device.

To know more:



  • Length: 18cm
  • Width: 18cm
  • Height: 3.9cm
  • Peso: 1587g

Specibewhat a power

  • Max power consumption: 100W
  • Current input: 100-240VAC 50 / 60Hz
  • Maximum peak: 1.3A Current


  • Cool White: 3 
  • Royal Blue: 20 
  • Blue: 12 
  • Photo Red: 1 
  • Lime: 2 
  • UV(405nm): 2 
  • UV(415nm): 2 
  • Violet: 2 
  • Cyan: 5 
  • Lunar Light: 2
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