About Us

Have you always been attracted to the mysterious underwater world that populates the coral reef and would you like to have it under your eyes every day? But have you always thought that the marine aquarium was too complicated and gave up even before starting? Or even if you have already had it for some time, you are not satisfied and you do not have the results you want with your reef? Are you confused, have you read and heard so many different opinions or now you don't know who to turn to to really understand - once and for all - what and how to do? Reef Joker was born with the aim of helping you to answer all your questions exclusively about the marine aquarium. Unlike the vast majority of shops or commercial chains that also deal with sweet aquariums or even other pets, Reef Joker specializes exclusively in marine aquarium. It undertakes to make your visit pleasant and exciting, in a space totally dedicated to your dream and to the discovery of the wonders and colors of this world. Our staff shares a single goal for you: to give you an exceptional service, both from an operational and non-operational point of view, in which welcoming becomes a ritual. For us you are not a customer, but a guest. And we want to exceed your expectations. When you get in touch with us, you will immediately understand that our staff is always ready to put all their experience at your disposal, advising and teaching management techniques, to help you grow step by step. We design and build your Marine Aquarium, our focus is to guide you from the design of the tank to every single insertion, always respecting the needs of the animal. Because before being traders we are above all passionate just like you. The knowledge and constant search for particular animals and innovative products are the basis of our business. In collaboration with the best national and international importers and the best companies on the market, we have weekly arrivals of fish, corals, products and techniques.