Aquariums Gallery

We design and manufacture made-to-measure aquariums, with our brand RJ COSTM TANK.

Yes, CUSTOM, or customized according to the needs and tastes of the Customer, trying to develop a particular project with an aesthetic impact, but at the same time above all functional and congenial for the Marine Aquarium system, so that the future inhabitants of the tub can live in the best possible conditions.


We produce tanks, with BeanAnimal drain systems, with commercial drain systems such as Ultra Reef and Heliax, with integrated filter compartment, with Sump, with silicone or rigid pipes in PVC, traditional PVC and for the most demanding in terms of aesthetics colored PVC .


We produce furniture in structural aluminum profiles, covered with panels in water-resistant material, resistant, safe, and long-lasting.

If desired, we also have artisans who make wooden furniture according to the needs and tastes of the customer.


Contact us and ask for a free and no obligation quote for one RJ CUSTOM TANK.