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Quantum® 120

Quantum® 120

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Extreme performance. Extreme performance. Extremely quiet operation. Low current draw. Simple maintenance. 

  • Here are the four main features of NYOS® Quantum® skimmers:
  • Extreme performance, Performance, performance and more performance. NYOS® Quantum® is characterized by highly efficient foaming, the result of a large amount of air combined with optimal mixing with water
  • Extremely quiet operation, aquariums need to be looked at, not heard. This is why NYOS® Quantum® is super quiet.
  • Low power consumption, NYOS® Quantum® is designed to have excellent energy efficiency and use the minimum of electricity despite its enormous performance.
  • Simple maintenance. Consistent skimming and simple setting are essential. For this reason NYOS® Quantum® is particularly easy to clean and maintains the same high level of performance for a very long time.
These are the innovative features of NYOS® Quantum® skimmers:
  • The New NYOS® Hybrid Impeller - The heart of any skimmer is its propulsion. This is why we have developed the innovative hybrid impeller. This impeller, built with extreme precision with super light materials, combines the advantages of a brush impeller and a latex impeller. The hybrid impeller is characterized by a latex body on which many pins are mounted at a close distance between them. This structure ensures that infinite fine air bubbles are generated. The negligible weight and high precision reduce the need for maintenance and, at the same time, minimize energy consumption.
  • NYOS Clear-View Reactor - The hybrid impeller requires a special skimming chamber, which is why they developed NYOS® Clear-View Reactor. “Clear-View Reactor” is a skimming chamber, transparent, high-performance and of large volume, in which the mixing between water and air is created. In combination with the hybrid impeller and the specifically designed Venturi, it allows enormous air intake with an optimal water-air percentage. Its transparency allows you to easily identify any foreign body. At the same time you can admire the incredible performance of the pump in operation. Practical and elegant!
The NYOS® Twister - The impressive amount of air treated and the very fine bubbles are one thing, but, to achieve optimal skimming, the bubbles that are generated must also remain in contact with water for as long as possible. For this, in addition to our standard diffuser, we have created the “Saw-blade Twister” which gives the bubbles an additional spin, creating a whirlwind similar to a vortex. In this way, the contact time of the air bubbles with the water column increases exponentially.
  • Combination of design and functionality: Sinus design - Water does not like angles and that is why we have developed a double S shape optimized for flow. With this design, which we call Sinus, air bubbles can rise to the surface unhindered, completely free, in an ergonomic way. In this way, the areas of low flow that are created at the corners are avoided

Precision and attention to detail - An excellent idea must be implemented to perfection down to the smallest details. Each Quantum® therefore has these characteristics:
  • High-performance impeller made of zirconium dioxide, extremely resistant to breakage (1600 MPa strength, Vickers hardness)
  • Nine pure grade 2 titanium screws
  • Precision screws for micro-adjustments of the water level.
  • Antivibration silicone feet
Coupling and locking cup
  • Ready-to-use device
  • Variable setting options for better optimization.

Each aquarium is different and it is for this reason that NYOS® Quantum® can be individually adapted to all the characteristics of the various aquariums: the amount of water and air can be set independently of each other. NYOS® Quantum has been designed to have high performance, without external pumps, and to be completely disassembled in order to guarantee meticulous maintenance of every single element.

Technical specifications:

  • Skimming pump: Quantum® 1.0
  • Air intake max .: 500 l / h
  • Consumption: 8W
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 15x21x46.5 cm
  • For aquariums: from 100 to 500 liters

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