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Moani Dry Life Rock 22,7KG

Moani Dry Life Rock 22,7KG

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CaribSeal Moani Dry Life Rock


Introducing Moani ™, the safe, reliable and affordable alternative to natural live rock. Moani ™ is a true high porosity aragonite rock that is enriched with live bacteria and spores to provide a quick start with reduced cycle times. 
Moani ™ has soft colors similar to natural live rock, but without harmful organisms. No maturation is required.

  • Natural rocks taken from quarry have no negative impact on natural marine environments.
  • An ecological and economical alternative to live rocks. 
  • Inoculate with bacterial spores to help proliferate beneficial bacterial strains.

Moani will behave just like real live rock, providing your aquarium with biological filtration, as well as providing shelter for the aquarium inhabitants. The open and porous structure of Caribsea's natural rock is made of real rock, with no concrete products. This carefully modeled rock by naturara has no impact on aquatic environments.

Moani Dry Live Rock has a special stabilized layer, bacteria and spores that are activated when they are introduced into the aquarium. It is not necessary to insert bacteria when starting the aquarium.

Your aquarium will have the same appearance and the same biological performance as a tank with live rocks, but without any impact on the reef ecosystems. Moani Dry Live Rock it is the ecologically responsible (and also economically advantageous) alternative to natural live rocks. 

Pack of 22.7 Kg

N.B. The real weight of the packages can vary from +/- 400 g, as the rocks inserted are different from each other.  

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