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Nano Tech Bio Sphere Maxspect

Nano Tech Bio Sphere Maxspect

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  • Stabilized microbial wastewater treatment technology with biological aerated filter (W-BAF).
  • Ultra-high cross-sectional area and filter surface ratio.
  • Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere is made of ceramic beads and is completely inert.
The Nano-Tech Bio Sphere are suitable for fresh and marine water.

The Nano-Tech Bio Sphere are carefully manufactured to ensure optimum quality and a porous structure and thus effectively control the quality and stability of the water column.

Each unit of Nano-Tech Bio Sphere has an area of 54 m² (580 ft²) for the creation of bacterial colonies.

Nano-Tech Bio Sphere are excellent at creating bacterial colonies in the form of mixed structure bio-nano film. They allow different species of bacteria and fungi, such as nitrifying bacteria, yeasts, phototrophic prokaryotes, etc. to grow on their large surface.

To facilitate maintenance and save space for other equipment, we recommend that you place the Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres in a filter sock.

Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Media are made from 100% small ceramic beads and are completely inert.
Each of the bio spheres is made up of over 220,000 of these small ceramic beads and each bead has a surface area of 2.45 cm², which in turn means that each sphere has an area of over 54 m² (580 ft²). The structure of our biosphere essentially consists of putting lots of beads together in a tight formation; there is only a single point of contact between each ball and the other so the water can easily flow through the entire bio sphere.

This technology has been used in the wastewater treatment industry for a very long time. This wastewater treatment technology is called an aerated biological filter (W-BAF). However, these spheres or blocks are not used in the wastewater treatment, the sand bed technique is used which is not very feasible in our aquariums so Maxspect has produced, using a patented technology, these bio spheres and bio blocks of pearls.

Each bio sphere can replace 10 kg of live rocks. Each of the bio-spheres has 54 m² of surface, while 10 kg of live rocks have only 2.69 m², in fact it is more than 20 times the surface, so even if there are the most alive porous rocks on Earth (which is perhaps 2 -3 times more porous than the type of limestone on which this calculation was based), our bio sphere can replace 10 kg of live rock.

To be used directly in the tank, in sump, in external filters, in cascades, etc.
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