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Hydra 64 HD Reef BIANCA

Hydra 64 HD Reef BIANCA

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More LEDs. More power. More color. More refined.

With over 20% more LEDs, our flagship lights just got brighter. Color has been enhanced with deeper blues and brighter whites. Your corals will get even brighter.
With over a decade of design experience, every detail has been meticulously taken care of. We are sure you will love the result as much as we do.

The world's most popular reef aquarium LEDs

The new products from AquaIllumination®'s Hydra line, the Hydra 32 & 64 HD bring more power and color wherever you want, as well as the freedom to use your smartphone as a controller.

LED Smart Reef

Moreover. This is what you will get with the latest Hydra HD series ceiling lights, which includes Hydra® 32HD and Hydra® 64HD. More LEDs, more color, more power and a more refined design. Incorporating features you've come to love like Hyperdrive, intelligent control with the myAI® app and a proven track record of success. Now with the dedicated Moonlight, you can simulate moonlight with a warm light to aid in coral reproduction.

Proven power

Growing power and HD functionality make the Hydra series a powerhouse for lighting. With HD, when you lower the intensity of a color, you can use the available power to power other color channels.


  • Length 30.2 cm
  • Width 13.7cm
  • Height 3.6cm
  • Peso 1.54kg

Technical specifications

  • Energy consumption 135W 
  • 100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz input
  • Cable length 4.47m
  • PSU UL, CE and RoHS regulatory compliance

The improvements in brief

The complete redesign of the heatsink and plastic of the Hydra 32 and 64 models has resulted in two major benefits. Improved efficiency and improved layout allowed for greater compactness of the luminaires, while maintaining the necessary active cooling requirements for a high-power LED luminaire. The other benefit came from modifying the wiring and molded plastic to better seal the lights for greater water resistance.

Water resistance is obviously a big plus in aquarium lighting and although a compact LED fixture requires active cooling and therefore a fan which makes this difficult, we have learned a lot over the years and all this experience there. 'we have now applied to the latest versions of our high power Hydra appliances. Water resistance doesn't mean they're waterproof though, so while new lamps should be able to splash water better than ever, they're not waterproof.

The output in terms of PAR, color mixing and diffusion are all improved with the new fixtures. The incorporation of more LEDs results in a more complete spectrum and the TIR lenses mix the light until it is more efficient and effective, resulting in both better fluorescence and a slightly larger coverage area. The positioning of the LEDs and the geometry of the lenses mix the light from the clusters to further reduce color separation.

A specific lunar LED was added at 32 and 64.

The existing myAi application is used to program the lamps, which is quick and easy. Over time, additional control options may become available for the next generation Hydra.

The mounting systems previously available for Hydra lamps can also be used with the new models. The exception is the Hydra Flex system which will require a different bracket due to the size difference of the new fixtures. 

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