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Euphyllia glabrescens 24k

Euphyllia glabrescens 24k

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Grid 1.5x1.5 cm 

Photographs taken under the Radion G4 Pro

- Royal Blue 100% with orange and yellow filters

- Ecotech AB+ Labs program

PH: 8.00-8.30

Salinity: 34-36ppm

Temperature: 24 - 26 °

Light: medium/intense

Movement: medium turbulence

Aggression: high

Guide to acclimatization

It is highly recommended to acclimate all corals to a new environment to prevent the corals from going into shock.

Put the corals into the water from the packing bags and slowly add the new environment water (drop-drop method is recommended)

Use the water parameter above as a guide.

Make sure the water temperature matches that of the new environment.

After the corals have spent adequate time in the acclimatization water, gently place the corals in a new environment.

It is advisable to place new corals with a light intensity lower than that normally required. Once the corals show no signs of stress, they can gradually be moved to an area of brighter lighting.

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