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Coral Essentials Vibrance+ 50ml

Coral Essentials Vibrance+ 50ml

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Coral Essentials VIBRANCE+


Our Coral Essentials Vibrance is a blend of water-soluble, organically found and synthetic compounds. It plays a vital role in promoting rapid cell division and growth. It is vitally involved in the metabolism of living cells, with particular attention to protein synthesis and the metabolism of fatty acids and amino acids. Vibrance brings vigor and health to the coral, polyp extension and activity are improved. Nothing gives your aquarium an active boost like Vibrance. Excess Vibrance not used in the aquarium is easily removed through standard organic waste and foaming processes.

UseVibrance must be kept in the refrigerator after opening.
Dosage: we recommend starting the administration at 1 drop (0.05 ml) / day for every 100 lt of aquarium water both in the morning and in the evening. If the results are good and based on the density of the coral in the aquarium, you can steadily increase to 2 drops at a time over a period of a few weeks. Conversely, you can try reducing the dose to 1 drop per day (morning or evening) and see if the results are just as good.

Refer to Manual Dosing for more detailed information on dosing based on the density of corals in the aquarium.
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