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Coral Essentials Magnesium + Trace

Coral Essentials Magnesium + Trace

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Coral Essentials Magnesium + Trace is a concentrated source of liquid magnesium, 12,500 ppm (mg / L) and potassium. We have added Coral Power Potassium to this mix using our proven Coral Essentials dosing method.

You have two options for dosing:

you can follow the recommended methodology and add the following quantities every day:
Soft Coral / LPS System - 3 ml per day 

Mixed Reef System - 6 ml per 100L al giorno
SPS Dominant System - 12 ml per 100 liters per day

Or secondly, for best results, magnesium levels should be checked regularly to determine absorption into the system. Simply calculate your dosing requirements using the Dosing Calculator, available on the website. After determining this, a regular check of magnesium levels is required. Your tank will change over time as coral grows, new pieces are added. Your aquarium will change over time as coral grows, new pieces will be added and even invertebrates will also absorb carbonate. Levels of 1300-1350 ppm are desirable if high growth levels are to be maintained in a dominant SPS and hard coral system.

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