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Coral Essentials Coral Power Reef KI3 50ml

Coral Essentials Coral Power Reef KI3 50ml

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Coral Essentials Coral Power Reef KI3 


Our Coral Essentials Coral Power Reef KI3 is a concentrated blend of potassium iodide and iodine (0.5%) for marine aquariums. It is essential for healthy growth of hard and soft corals, increased blue and purple colouration in corals, as well as promoting healthy macroalgae growth. Iodine is used by corals for the synthesis of pigments, which allows them to adapt to different light conditions and provide their tissues with protection from UV radiation. To ensure healthy corals, invertebrates and macroalgae, maintain a dosing plan as detailed below. Variations above and below the recommended dosage can be made based on the conditions of the aquarium and the density of the coral present.

Average Dosage: 1 drop per 100 liters per day, do not exceed 2 drops per day per 100 liters.

Reef KI3 can also be used as a coral diving solution.

Immersion solution: dilute using 2 ml in 1 liter of salt water

Manual dosage: At Coral Essentials we know that all aquariums are different, all marine aquarists are different, there is no "one size fits all". For this simple reason we have developed a range of products that appeal to advanced hobbyists for the first time. Many of us sit somewhere in between, Coral Essentials has everyone covered.
The dosage of our Power Trace range is determined by the amount of SPS stony corals in the aquarium. Even if your aquarium may be full if it is not SPS dominant, then the dosage of Power Trace A, B and C will need to be reduced. See aquarium images below for approximate densities of low, medium and high SPS dominant systems. Aquariums with SPS or Acro Frags are also considered Low SPS. It is the same for the other mixes of minor elements we supply. It is always best to keep an eye on coral when starting to dose new products, systems or the like. Your keen eye and quick observation of any changes to your aquarium coral are the best defense against incorrect dosing. If you notice any undesirable changes in the coral (RTN, color fading, etc.), discontinue administration immediately.

Dosage outside the values indicated below is the sole responsibility of the aquarium owner. For the heavy dominant SPS system these values can easily be exceeded to obtain further positive results. However, care must be taken and very careful monitoring of coral and water chemistry is required.

We regularly recommend ICP water chemistry tests. At the very least, test NSW levels of Strontium (for Trace A), Iron and / or Manganese levels (Trace B) Levels of iodine and / or fluorine (Trace C). The same should be done for, Bromide, Boron and Potassium.
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