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Coral Essentials Coral Power Gro 50ml

Coral Essentials Coral Power Gro 50ml

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Coral Essentials Coral Power Gro

Our Coral Essentials Coral Power Gro is a concentrated blend of vitamin complexes. It also includes the amino acid L-lysine. This provides a vital food source for the corals and enhances growth and coloration. It is essential for increasing the vitality, metabolism of corals and the food source in general for most marine aquarium inhabitants. The extension of the polyp is increased after the administration of Coral Power Gro, which indicates a healthy and nutritious coral. To ensure color improvement and growth of SPS and LPS corals, maintain a dosing schedule as described below. Variations above and below the recommended dosage can be made based on tank conditions and the density of coral present. The increased levels of vitamins can be readily used by the coral or removed from the natural processes of the marine aquarium.

Please note Coral Essentials Coral Power Gro should be stored in a cool, dark place and preferably refrigerated after opening.
Dosage: we recommend to start dosing 1 drop / day for every 100 liters of tank water and constantly increase to 2 drops / day over a period of a couple of weeks. Depending on the coral density, higher dosage levels may be experienced. It is not recommended to dose no more than 4 drops per day for every 100 l of water.

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