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Coral Essentials Coral Power Boron 50ml

Coral Essentials Coral Power Boron 50ml

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Coral Essentials Coral Power Boron 

Our Coral Essentials Boron solution is a concentrated additive of liquid boron, 50,000 ppm (mg / L). Boron in natural seawater is on the order of 4-5 ppm. Boron is a component in the formation of coral skeletons, co-precipitating with calcium carbonate. Boron also helps slightly to buffer the pH of the aquarium water. For advanced aquarists' boron levels in saltwater aquariums should be checked regularly to determine uptake in your system. Calculate boron usage by testing regularly, then simply calculate dosing requirements based on rate of exhaustion. Then continue a level check every week or two.
Dosage: we recommend to start dosing 1 drop / day for every 100 lt of water and constantly increase to 2 drops / day for a period of about a month. Do not apply a dose greater than 3 drops / day for every 100 l of water for manual dosing schedules.

For the advanced aquarist, 0.1ml (2 drops) will increase Boron levels by 0.05ppm (mg / L) for every 100L of water. If you know the rate at which boron is depleted, dose accordingly.

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