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Coral Essentials Coral Power Amino 50ml

Coral Essentials Coral Power Amino 50ml

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Coral Essentials Coral Power Amino 

Our Coral Essentials Coral Power Amino is a concentrated blend of essential amino acids for saltwater aquariums. It is essential for the production of enzymes, the growth of tissues and the formation of skeletons. Corals also require amino acids to build proteins for tissue growth and also for the synthesis of the organic matrix which regulates and accelerates the deposition of calcium carbonate in the skeleton otherwise known as calcification (Allemand et al., 2004). This organic matrix is a structure of proteins and other compounds essential for bio-mineralization. 
To ensure improved SPS coral growth, maintain a dosing plan as detailed below. Variations above and below the recommended dosage can be made based on the conditions of the aquarium and the density of the coral present. Increased levels of amino acids can easily be used by the coral. We do not recommend dosing at high levels if there are high levels of phosphates and nitrates in your aquarium. Applying high doses of Coral Power Amino to aquariums with high levels of phosphates and nitrates can cause algae outbreaks.

Please note Coral Essentials Coral Power Amino should be stored in a cool, dark place and preferably refrigerated after opening.

Dosage: we recommend starting to dose 1 drop / day for every 100 lt of water and if the results are good they constantly increase up to 2 drops / day for a period of about a month depending on the coral density and you must have very low levels of nutrients. we recommend dosing no more than 3 drops per day for every 100 L of water.

Note: The dosage of Power Amino, Power Gro and our "" Black Label products does not depend so much on the type of coral in your aquarium as on its density. So if you have SPS, LPS, Molli or a mix of all, dosages are based on the overall density of corals present.
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