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Coral Essentials Calcium + Trace

Coral Essentials Calcium + Trace

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Coral Essentials Calcium + Trace

It is a concentrated source of liquid calcium, 100,000 ppm (mg / L) and a unique blend of trace elements.

We have added our Coral Power Trace A and B elements into this mix using our proven Coral Essentials dosing method. When using Calcium + Trace it is not necessary to add additional trace elements. It is mixed for a medium density SPS system, so aquarists with high density SPS aquariums may want to add additional Coral Power Trace A and B in this solution at the required density. Start with another 0.25ml of each track A and B and see the results, increase from there as required. Calcium levels in saltwater aquariums should be checked regularly to determine system uptake. Simply calculate dosing requirements based on the exhaustion rate. After determining this, a regular check of calcium levels is required. Your aquarium will change over time as coral grows, as new pieces are added and even calcium-absorbing invertebrates.

We have found ideal calcium levels of around 430-470 ppm for most aquariums. Levels of 470+ ppm are desirable if you want to maintain high growth levels in a dominant SPS and hard coral system.

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