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Accurasea Salt - 50 Gallons

Accurasea Salt - 50 Gallons

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Accurasea Salt

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In Two Little Fishies the focus has always been on the small details.

This is why we have created a synthetic salt that cannot be compared to any other. We called it AccuraSea 1. AccuraSea1 was formulated to simulate natural sea water and is packaged in many mini-packs with precisely determined weight. The advantages of this packaging are many: you can mix a batch without having to check the salinity. You will never have to add salt, wait, test, adjust based on the test results again. Just put a certain volume of water in the container intended for mixing and add, depending on the amount of water, the contents of one or more packets. You will thus obtain a mixture of sea water identical to that found in nature.

If you don't think this is a great innovation, consider this: when one salt is not thoroughly mixed, one measuring cup is not exactly the same as another, so, unless you use everything.  the contents of the package at once, each blend you produce will not be the same as the previous one. Even when the salts are ground to a uniform grain size and mixed homogeneously by the manufacturer, the hygroscopic nature of the synthetic salt mixes creates another problem: if you don't use all the salt mix when you open the package, moisture will penetrate and react with salts. The reactions can produce insoluble residues and substantially change the formulation. Have you ever had to use a hammer to break the salt left over in a bucket? Didn't you have to forcefully hit a bag of salt on the ground because the contents were too hard? 

Of course you can use this blend, but know that the organoleptic properties of the salt have changed, it is another product. You can tell by the residue it leaves at the bottom of the mixing container. The individual packaging of AccuraSea 1 allows you to produce seawater that is always the same, of constant composition and quality. This is the way we think because accuracy is not a "crude" concept.

Formulated by Julian Sprung with pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride and high quality anhydrous salts. It dissolves quickly. At a salinity of S = 35, AccuraSea1 does detect  the following parameters: calcium 420 mg / l, magnesium 1300 mg / l, strontium 8 mg / l, potassium 400 mg / l, alkalinity 8 dKH.

AccuraSea®1 the synthetic formula for  sea water by Julian Sprung. A single formulation for all marine aquariums. 

A 50-gallon pack containing ten 5-gallon packs. Weight 6.7 Kg

A 200-gallon pack contains 4 x 100-gallon bags. Weight 26.8 Kg 

Two Little Fishies, a solution! 

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