Partnership con THAREEFEST

Reef Joker is pleased to announce the partnership with thareefest.

From 18.08.22 Luca and Riccardo will be Betatester of Coral Essentials products for Ns. Shop.

For those unfamiliar with them here is their Youtube channel:

We are Luca and Riccardo, two suspicious individuals (tattooed ... therefore criminals) graduates in environmental sciences (yes, for real), and who have decided to specialize in everything related to marine biology.

We founded thareefest with the aim of promoting scientific dissemination suitable for everyone (from two misfits), which can lead fans of all levels to understand and discover every aspect of this world (in a slightly different way as you may have understood).

We create various types of content (photos and videos), bringing our experiences and lots of interesting material directly to our social channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and .. nothing OnlyFans ... not yet😉).

In addition to these we are available for consultations, birthday parties for children but only 88 years old, and to exchange ideas and opinions with anyone. All our work is aimed at raising public awareness on environmental and ecological issues; and has as its only interest the protection and welfare of all animals.

So follow us otherwise we will really be forced to open an OnlyFans ...


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